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Libby Band

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The versatile Libby Band range includes 12 different colours and patterns, which means you’ll always have a Libby Band to complement your golf gear. Just use it the way you want – over your ears, as a headband, or as a neck-warmer – all the warmth, but without the extra weight and fiddly inconvenience of scarves, hats and cumbersome ear muffs.

Libby Band

“Wage war on freezing fairway winds forever! Kiss goodbye to the misery of earache and stiff necks today!”

Whether you’re golfing, gardening, or gadding about town, there’s nothing like a bracing, fresh breeze to blow away the cobwebs.

But if you suffer from the agony of earache and the nagging pain of stiff necks, falling temperatures can make the outdoors anything but great.

And as for when that biting wind gets up on the seventh tee, it makes you shudder just thinking about it.

Sounds familiar? Then it’s time you bagged yourself the multi-way fleece-warmer that’s got all the ladies talking at the nineteenth hole.

Here’s introducing the super-soft, warm-as-toast Libby Band. Take control of the elements today!

In other words, ladies, prepare for the cosiest golfing season of your life, banish the discomfort of all those climatic aches and pains and give windswept, unruly hair the heave-ho once and for all!

Wear the stylish, multi-way Libby Band over your ears and keep throbbing pains at bay, and protect your hair from the havoc of high winds at the same time. Cold, stiff neck? Simply snuggle up in a hand-crafted, Libby band and you won’t care what the weather does.

All that effortless comfort and warmth in a range of patterns and styles – you can do away with that frumpy, cumbersome bobble hat forever!

And without the effects of the elements to spoil your concentration, who knows, Libby Band may even have a positive impact on your scorecard too!

What are you waiting for? At only £12, the only decision left to make is which colours and patterns to go for!

It’s time to say: “Bye, bye, bobble hat – hello, Libby Band!”

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